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NIIIT Corp. is interested in cooperation in different activity trends including:

  • Design by a customer wish and (or) production of radio engineering systems and units for different purposes.
  • Design by a customer wish and (or) production of technological process automated control systems, devices of automation and data processing for different purposes.

    » Realization of investment projects, cooperation in different activity trends including

  • Design and joint industrial engineering of DVB transmitting and receiving equipment and other transceiving means employing OFDM modulation and antinoise coding.
  • Realization of innovation projects formulated by interested companies on the base of the information on NIIIT Corp. activity.
  • Giving the possibility to work at NIIIT Corp. premises for representations, subsidiaries, departments, productions, companies, assistance in their activity from the part of NIIIT Corp.
  • Joint business arrangement and servicing in other activity trends by agreement.

Besides the beforesaid NIIIT Corp. Experimental Works is interested in production order fulfilment in the following activity trends:

  • manufacture of radio electronic systems for different purposes, cabinets, units, modules and making separate assembling operations in the field of radio electronic engineering;
  • manufacture of antennas and antenna systems for different purposes;
  • manufacture of metal doors, fences, gratings etc.;
  • manufacture of double-sided printed-circuit boards.

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