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Terminal radio engineering navigation and landing aids

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Design, production and operation supervision of terminal radio engineering navigation and landing aids is NIIIT Corp. traditional activity trend. Having started in 1959 from the modernization of the existing navigation and landing aids NIIIT gradually is going to independent design of new equipment. SP-75 landing system made by it, providing II Category landing and presented in 1979 at the Exhibition of national economy advances was marked by silver and bronze awards. Its first deliveries abroad began — to Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria and later — to German Democratic Republic, Roumania, Mongolia, North Korea and some countries of Africa and Latin America. NIIIT Corp. today is over 400 radio beacons and landing systems (including III Category ones) operating in Russia and other countries.

» NIIIT Corp. today is over 400 radio beacons and landing systems operating

The third generation navigation and landing equipment designed by the affiliate is successfully operating in airports of Russia (Sochi, St.-Petersburg, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Hanty-Mansiisk, Zabaikalsk) and Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty, Atyrau,Uralsk, Leninsk and others) and Uzbekistan.

Today the Institute realizes delivery, commissioning and operation supervision of the following equipment designed for servicing of terminal areas and air routes:

  • KRONA secondary surveillance radar
  • SP-90 landing system (I, II, III Category ILS)
  • SP-90N landing system (I, II Category ILS)
  • RMA-90 azimuth radio beacon (VOR)
  • RMD-90 NP distance measuring radio beacon (DME/N)
  • RMM-95 marker radio beacon
  • RMP-200 homing radio beacon
  • ARP-95 automatic radio direction finder
  • Other systems and their modifications.

The equipment complies with ICAO standards requirements and has Interstate Aviation Register certificates.

KRONA secondary surveillance radar production and delivery are realized by NIIIT-RK Inc., and radio direction finder, radio beacons and landing systems — by NIIIT-RTS Inc.

For detailed information on produced airport radio subsystems for navigation, air-traffic control and landing follow the links to the respective affiliates Web-sites NIIIT-RTS Inc., NIIIT-RK Inc., NIIIT-OZ Inc.

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